Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to pay for our children to enter the pool to train, and the club still has to pay lane hire? Is this double dipping?

Club members must pay to enter the pool for use of the pool and to use the amenities such as the toilets and showers. The club must pay lane hire to be able to use the specific lanes solely for club members and restrict use of these lanes by the general public during training times.

What do our club fees pay for?
Lane hire & Club insurance/public liability insurance.

Do I have to pay the club fees in one lump sum?
If you have difficulty making the full payment, please see the Treasurer.

Why can't my child continue to swim after the first week if I haven't paid the registration fees?
If registration fees haven't been paid and an accident occurs, the club and child are not insured for that incident.
With coaching fees it has been unfortunate in the past that some have left the club and never caught up paying the coach, in effect the swimmer was unfairly coached for free.

Does the club set the coaching fees?
No, coaching fees are set by the Coach.

Can I negotiate a different rate for coaching fees?
No, coaching fees are set at the beginning of each season and all swimmers in a squad pay the same fee.

If my swimmer only comes twice a week can I pay cheaper coaching fees?
No. coaching fees are set and paid for by school terms. It is in your best interest make full use of training opportunities.

Why must my child wear full uniform at competitions?
We are a club and a uniform promotes the club spirit.

If we already pay club fees, why do we fundraise? 
Club fees only cover some of the insurance and lane hire costs. Fundraising covers some of the food for club nights and presentation nights, trophies and prizes, and equipment for the swimmers to use.