Competitions (swim meets)

Participating at a competitive level at swim meets is not compulsory, however it is considered an excellent incentive for swimmers to improve their times and to experience the 'buzz' of achieving a personal best (PB) in competition. All swimmers are encouraged to participate in a swim meet. 

Swim meets are great fun for the swimmers and a good way to get to know other swimmers in a social atmosphere.

Parents and Carers are also encouraged to be involved in swim meets. As all swim meets are organised and run by volunteers from the different clubs,  parents and carers of swimmers, whether club members or not, are encouraged to volunteer and participate as officials. See the Volunteering page for more information.


Types of swim meets


Interclub swim meets are hosted by Swimming NT and allow Darwin based clubs to compete against each other.

Club invitational meets

All Clubs may host an Invitational event, which allows them to set the program and invite other clubs to participate.

Schools city clusters competitions

All primary schools in the Northern Territory are in a cluster and are eligible to participate in the annual Tri-Cluster Carnival usually held in October. Entries are organized by participating schools in each cluster.


How to enter

The Swimming NT competition calendar is available on the Swimming NT website, and includes a complete list of national meets and a link to the registration form. Although the club will make every effort to ensure swimmers and parents are kept informed of each meet and registration due dates, it is the responsibility of the swimmers/parents to organise their entry. Parents/carers, please consult with your child/children before entering them into competition to avoid having to withdraw your child/children from the meet. Payment of entry fees must be included with entries and are unable to be refunded under any circumstances (including illness).

Entries to swim meets are via Swim Central.

Please contact The Registrar for more information.


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