Registration and fees

New Season Registration

A full season registration runs from 1 July to 30 June.

To register, please contact Nightcliff Swimming Club on


New Swimmers

For our new members, once your child has been assessed by the Coach you have the option of a weeks' trial period, after which registrations must be paid or the swimmer/s will not be allowed in the water (insurance purposes). Please register your family before you return to the pool the following week.


Registration fees

$200 Swimmer

$60 Junior Dolphin (8 years old and under at 1st July)

$20 parent /non swimmer (it is compulsory to have at least one parent/guardian registered with the club)

$120 Adult Swimmer (a swimmer who participates in Saturday morning training - no entry fee or coaching fee applies)


What do registration fees pay for:

The Registration fee to Nightcliff Swimming Club goes towards meeting the cost of

  • Public Liability insurance fee
  • a capitation fee per swimmer to Swimming Australia
  • an affiliation fee per swimmer and non-swimmer to Swimming Northern Territory Incorporated
  • Club expenses (particularly pool lane hire) in order to minimise the need to fundraise to cover expenses. This allows the Committee to organise fundraising events for items which are beneficial to all club members as well as targeting fundraising for specific items such as supporting swimmers to attend interstate swimming meets


School Sports Vouchers

If you have a school sports voucher, you can use it to pay toward your registration fees. 


Coaching Fees

Coaching fees are separate to club registration fees and are invoiced directly by the head coach at the beginning of each school term. Coaching fees must be paid directly to the head coach. Outstanding coaching fees will prevent swimmers from participating in training unless special arrangements have been made with the coach.


Minis $80

Bronze $90

Silver $120

Gold $140


If you are not sure which level your child is in, please ask the coach. Coaching invoices are placed in each swimmers pigeon hole in the club room. If you are new to the club, and you do not have a pigeon hole, please contact a committee member to arrange.


Pool Entry

Pool entry is not included in registration or coaching fees and must be paid at the entrance kiosk of the pool. Most families opt for the multi-swim card, however you should contact the pool directly for details and options available.


Competition Fees

When you enter a competition there is usually a fee per race. This is set by the host club or by swimming NT and is usually around $8. Pool entry is free for competitions.